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Confused about your PSA test results? Or your prostate cancer biopsy results? Or what prostate cancer treatment is best for you? At Precision Prostate Cancer Care, we want to bring men peace of mind and better quality of life by providing better answers. Our advanced 3D prostate biopsy creates a precise map of the entire prostate to provide the most accurate prostate cancer diagnosis possiblehelping men choose the best treatment pathway possible, even if that means no treatment at all. And if any prostate cancer treatment is needed, we offer advanced targeted focal therapy (TFT) that eradicates only the prostate cancer tumors while minimizing urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction in most men.

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We provide evidence-based treatments for prostate cancer from screening to treatment.


We believe in selective PSA testing, and that results above 1.5 ng/mL may warrant further evaluation with advanced biomarker tests that can help accurately determine the need for further evaluation for prostate cancer.

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Traditional prostate cancer biopsies and MRI may give incomplete information or miss things. Biomarker tests and our advanced 3D prostate biopsy provide the most comprehensive prostate cancer diagnosis.

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Surgery and radiation are excellent treatments for some prostate cancers. Our targeted focal therapy treatment, sometimes called the male lumpectomy, eradicates only the cancer, and reduces the risk of complications and side effects like incontinence or erectile dysfunction.

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MEET E. David Crawford, MD

Researcher-physician E. David Crawford has devoted his career in medicine to educating the public about men’s health issues and finding effective techniques and procedures to address prostate cancer, the most common malignancy affecting men in the United States. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine, Crawford is a professor of surgery, professor of urology, professor of radiation oncology and head of the section of urologic oncology at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver, Colorado. Read more.

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If you’ve received an elevated PSA test, had a positive prostate cancer biopsy, or would simply like to know more about your prostate health, you probably have lots of questions. One of our specially trained clinical coordinators would be happy to talk with you to answer your questions and recommend next steps.

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Elevated PSA Level But Negative Prostate Cancer Biopsy

About 10 percent of men who have a PSA test receive results showing an elevated PSA level, and a prostate biopsy is usually recommended as a next step. If your prostate biopsy comes back negative, you may want to seek additional diagnostic testing in certain circumstances.

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Prostatectomy may not be needed for prostate cancer

If your doctor has recommended surgery to remove your prostate, or radiation therapy instead of prostate removal, you should feel comfortable with the decision. Learn some steps you can take to feel more confident about your prostate cancer treatment.

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Should you get a second opinion for prostate cancer?

If you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may want to consider getting a second opinion, not only to confirm your prostate cancer diagnosis, but to make sure you get the information you need on every possible treatment option.

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3D Prostate Biopsy

Advanced 3D prostate biopsy gathers 40 to 100 prostate tissue samples that are used to produce a 3D model of the prostate gland and pinpoint the location and size of all prostate cancer tumors. This type of biopsy has been shown to detect 98 percent of significant cancers within the prostate, and shows exactly where the cancer lies, allowing the surgeon, in many cases, to be able to treat only the area or areas of cancer within the prostate.

Targeted Focal Cryotherapy Prostate Cancer Treatment

Targeted focal cryotherapy (TFT) prostate cancer treatment allows the surgeon to precisely target and eradicate only the prostate cancer without harming the healthy parts of the prostate or surrounding nerves and tissue. Targeted focal cryotherapy minimizes the risk of prostate cancer treatment side effects, such as urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Patients also experience faster recovery, less pain, and lower complication and infection rates. And because TFT is an outpatient procedure, the patient will go home the very same day as their treatment.