About Precision Prostate Cancer Care

About the Precision Prostate Center

Located on the Anschutz Campus at UCHealth (UCH) in Aurora, our patients benefit from our affiliation with UCH, which was named best hospital in Colorado by USNews in 2012. Also, as part of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the University of Colorado Cancer Center, we stay on the leading edge of treatment through participation in clinical trials and other research.

When you become a patient of the Precision Prostate Cancer Care, you are receiving the collective expertise of medical and scientific professionals from UCH, the University of Colorado Medical School, and the University of Colorado Cancer Center. The Cancer Center is part of the National Cancer Institutes and not only leads in patient treatments but also in the most advanced clinical trials.

Your team is highly specialized in the prevention, screening, evaluation, and treatment of prostate cancer and includes a team of urologic oncologists plus a dedicated research and laboratory staff. Because we are affiliated with UCHealth and provide the complete spectrum of prostate cancer care, we can provide an unbiased opinion on the best treatment for your particular and unique case.

In addition to providing more traditional prostate cancer treatments such as prostatectomy and radiation therapy, we specialize in 3D prostate cancer biopsy, which creates a 3D map of the prostate to guide our treatment recommendations, and Precision Treatment, a targeted focal cryotherapy prostate cancer treatment that treats just the cancerous part of the prostate. We have been performing this innovative therapy since 2006, and during that time we’ve helped hundreds of men with prostate cancer avoid the life-altering side effects of unnecessary radical treatments, which can include urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. We’ve also provided prostate cancer treatments, including prostatectomies, robotic-assisted prostatectomies, or radiation therapy, to thousands of other men.