Become a Patient at Precision Prostate Cancer Care

At Precision Prostate Cancer Care, we are here to provide a second opinion and peace of mind to men facing a prostate cancer diagnosis. Using 3D prostate cancer biopsy, we can more accurately determine the best treatment option for you and evaluate if you’re a candidate for targeted focal cryotherapy, a prostate cancer treatment that can help preserve your prostate and your quality of life. 

We have found that 30 to 50 percent of men who have conventional core biopsies (also called trus biopsies) will be diagnosed with “low-risk” cancers. What that means in more technical terms is that: 

  • your PSA is less than 10 (this can vary as some patients may present with higher PSAs due to a pre-existing benign prostate condition) 
  • your Gleason score is 6 or 3+4=7 in one or two of the core samples 
  • only about 20 percent of those cores were involved 

While they have been told they are at low-risk, they need more information before they can rest easy.


Who Is a Candidate for Targeted Focal Cryotherapy Prostate Cancer Treatment? 

Men who come to our center with those results seeking a second opinion need more information before they decide on a treatment option. The 3D prostate cancer biopsy can provide that information by not just confirming the diagnosis, but by accurately detecting the size, location, and number of tumors. Creating a 3D map of the prostate is the essential first step in determining if a man is a candidate for active surveillance (often called watchful waiting), radical treatment including prostatectomy or radiation therapy, or targeted focal cryotherapy prostate cancer treatment, which selectively treats only the portion of the prostate that is cancerous. 

While we evaluate each patient who presents to Precision Prostate Cancer Care as an individual case, a man is typically considered a viable candidate for targeted focal cryotherapy prostate cancer treatment if he meets the above criteria, and the mapping biopsy finds that: 

  • he has a small cancer volume of less than 30 percent of total prostate volume
  • he has localized areas of prostate cancer that are confined within the prostate
  • the cancer is a safe distance from vital organs, such as the urethra and rectum.

In our practice, we have found that about 40 percent of men who have a 3D prostate cancer biopsy can be treated with targeted focal cryotherapy prostate cancer treatment. For men whose cancer is more or less severe, we recommend other appropriate treatment options such as active surveillance or surgery. In these cases,we can work with the patient’s own doctor or refer the patient to other resources at the University of Colorado Cancer Center.