Insurance Coverage at Precision Prostate Cancer Care

If you’re dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis, your energy should be focused on your treatment plan, not your insurance plan. Prospective patients commonly have questions about whether the services provided by Precision Prostate Cancer Care will be covered by their insurance.

Our staff will work with you to verify eligibility, and assist with any necessary paperwork and authorizations your provider requires.

Working with your Insurance Provider

Your insurance company may or may not cover the services provided at Precision Prostate Cancer Care. However, we have generally found that most private insurance providers and Medicare provide coverage for 3D prostate cancer biopsy and targeted focal cryotherapy prostate cancer treatment. Some companies may not cover 3D prostate cancer biopsy, but we are available to discuss all payment options for diagnosis and treatment.

To obtain the most accurate information about your coverage, check with your insurance carrier to discuss the benefits provided by your medical plan prior to your visit. Often, managed care plans—HMOs and PPOs—require preauthorization for receiving care outside of your network. To avoid denial of coverage or reduction of benefits, we recommend you contact your insurance carrier prior to your first appointment. We are happy to answer questions by you or your insurance carrier, and to help negotiate coverage on your behalf.