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If you’ve received an elevated PSA test, had a positive prostate cancer biopsy, or would simply like to know more about your prostate health,  we are here to help. One of our specially trained clinical coordinators can call you at your convenience to answer your questions and recommend next steps. 

We’re not here to second-guess your doctor but rather to help you understand your complete prostate health including individual risk factors, test results, and possible further tests or alternative treatments that you may want to consider. 

Email us your name, phone number, and the best time to call and we’ll contact you to schedule a free phone consultation where we can help you understand: 

  • Whether you should or shouldn’t get a PSA test and what to do with the results
  • What your individual risk factors for prostate cancer are
  • What your prostate cancer biopsy results mean (and what they don’t tell you) 
  • Whether you should consider other tests that measure biomarkers for prostate cancer before getting treatment 
  • Your prostate cancer treatment options along with the risks and benefits 
  • Whether you are a candidate for a 3D prostate cancer biopsy 
  • What Targeted Focal Cryotherapy prostate cancer treatment is and whether you are a candidate 

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