Prostate Cancer Biomarker Testing

New Tests Measure Prostate Cancer Biomarkers

We recommend that men obtain regular PSA testing to screen for the presence of prostate cancer. However, because the PSA test cannot differentiate between prostate cancer and non-cancerous (benign) conditions, such as BPH, we recommend that men who receive a PSA level above 1.5 ng/ML consider additional testing prior to considering a prostate biopsy. Prostate cancer biomarkers are relatively new, non-invasive tests of blood, urine and prostate tissue. As part of a customized prostate cancer evaluation,  they can help your physician determine the appropriate next steps for your prostate health.

Below are commonly asked questions about prostate cancer biomarker tests.

What are prostate cancer biomarker tests?

PCMs or prostate cancer markers, are revolutionary new diagnostic tests that may help your doctor decide if your prostate cancer is in fact low risk, if something more aggressive may be lurking in your prostate, or if there are hot spots in the prostate which may need to be re-evaluated upon biopsy.

What prostate cancer biomarker test is right for me?

There are MANY different factors that will make one prostate cancer marker better suited for individual cases. Many times, individuals who have never had a biopsy or had low to intermediate grade prostate cancer (Gleason 3+3=6 or 3+4=7) diagnosed on a biopsy are well suited for blood or urine prostate cancer markers, whereas individuals who have persistently negative biopsies or a biopsy of intermediate to high grade cancer may benefit from tissue markers.  Visit to participate in an interactive questionnaire to see what tests may be right for you.  Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, contact your local healthcare practitioner. On, there are also many resources under the “References and Downloads” section that may help you decide which test is right for you.

Are there any prostate cancer biomarker (PCM) tests that could help me decide if I need to have a prostate biopsy?

Although there are many factors that contribute to your doctor’s decision to conduct a prostate biopsy, there are several urinary and blood based PCMs that may help guide you and your physician through the decision of conducting a prostate biopsy.

Is there a doctor in my area you can recommend who is knowledgeable about prostate cancer biomarker tests?

Even though the use of PCMs is growing rapidly in a wide variety of practice settings, there may be physicians in your area who are more adept to using them than others. Feel free to contact us if you would like a referral to a physician in your area. Precision Prostate Cancer Care also provides free phone consultations to help you understand your options better; and many men choose to come to our center for a customized prostate health evaluation that includes the appropriate PCM testing.


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