Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Cancer: Can it be avoided?

The National Institutes of Health estimates that as many as 30 million men in the U.S. experience erectile dysfunction, and prostate cancer is a leading contributor. Before you choose a prostate cancer treatment, it’s important to understand this serious side effect of prostate cancer and learn how it might be avoided or minimized.

Understanding Your Prostate Cancer Gleason Score

When men have a prostate biopsy to determine whether they have prostate cancer and the extent of the cancer, they are given the results as a prostate cancer Gleason score. While the Gleason score is the most common and useful measure of the severity of your prostate cancer, many patients are confused about exactly what their Gleason score means.

Understanding Incontinence After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Losing control of your urine is a common fear when facing prostate cancer treatment. For some men, incontinence can seem worse than impotence (erectile dysfunction). And it’s no wonder. After all, it can severely effect your quality of life. If you’re worried about urinary incontinence as a prostate cancer side effect, having good information can help you make decisions about the best prostate cancer treatment for you.

Video: Targeted Focal Cryotherapy Prostate Cancer Treatment

Targeted Focal Therapy is a procedure that targets only the area or areas of cancer within the prostate. Using cryotherapy, we are able to effectively treat only the cancer while leaving healthy tissue intact. Our research has shown that MRI guided biopsies are not completely accurate. We have performed hundreds of these procedures, with the aim to reduce overtreatment and treatment related side effects often associated with more invasive forms of therapy. This procedure is performed by Dr. E. David Crawford, an internationally renowned board certified urologist and expert on prostate cancer (with over 500 publications on the topic), non-malignant prostate conditions, and men’s health.

Video: 3D Prostate Cancer Biopsy

3D Staging Biopsy of the prostate is a very unique procedure. Unlike standard prostate biopsies, which sample a very small, random portion of the prostate, MRI guided prostate biopsy, which has not proven to be efficacious at detecting prostate cancer lesions (very often MISSES area(s) of cancer), as well as the Artemis system (which does not accurately sample the entire prostate nor hard to access areas of the prostate where cancer may lie) we sample the ENTIRE prostate, ensuring that the patient is accurately diagnosed and receives treatment that BEST matches their disease state.