Prostate Cancer Online Resources

resources for patients of the Precision Prostate Center

The following websites offer helpful information and online resources about prostate cancer for patients, prospective patients, and their families: provides information on prostate cancer treatments and connects patients through an online forum to share their experiences.

This website offers information on state-of-the-art diagnostic and prognostic tests for prostate cancer, along with information to help you interpret your test results.


Prostate Cancer Foundation

The foundation, which advocates and funds prostate cancer research, offers free guides, and news about prostate cancer, along with information about treatment, research, and side effects, and other  resources for patients and their families.


Prostate Conditions Education Council

The council provides information on prostate screenings and events for prostate cancer patients.


UCHealth Urologic Oncology Clinic

The Urologic Oncology clinic at University of Colorado Hospital’s CU Cancer Center in metro Denver specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic cancers — including prostate cancer.


Dr. David E. Crawford

Learn more about Dr. David E. Crawford and his work with 3D prostate cancer biopsy and treatment.