Patient Reviews: Precision Prostate Cancer Care

“Thanks to Dr. Crawford and his team, we were able to get a complete picture of my situation. The mapping biopsy really helped solidify my course of action. Once we had the full picture, I felt very positive moving forward with the prescribed treatment plan.”
– Tom Garcia


Dr. Crawford and his team really raise the bar when it comes to communication. They did an extremely thorough job explaining their precision diagnostic procedures and all of the possible treatment options. Following the mapping biopsy, Dr. Crawford emailed us the results the very night he received them. You just don’t get that with other doctors. They’re the best medical team we’ve ever known.”
– Mike Ruthkowski


“Dr. Crawford put me at ease right away. He gave me all the confidence in the world regarding my treatment options. The whole staff was so helpful. They went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was comfortable, confident and well-taken care of. I’ve already recommended them to a family member.”
– Guy Hawkins



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