Learn more about Precision 3D prostate cancer biopsy and targeted focal cryotherapy prostate cancer treatment in these prostate cancer biopsy and treatment videos.

3D Prostate Cancer Biopsy

A 3D prostate cancer biopsy can provide a significantly more accurate diagnosis than a conventional prostate cancer biopsy, also know as a trus biopsy. A benefit to 3D prostate cancer biopsy is the ability to tell exactly where the cancer lies, and then to be able to treat only the area or areas of cancer within the prostate. Learn more in this video.


Targeted Focal Cryotherapy Treatment for Prostate Cancer

If 3D prostate cancer biopsy results show you have localized prostate cancer and that you’re a candidate for targeted focal cryotherapy prostate cancer treatment, surgeons will use the 3D model of your prostate to target only the tumor cells, while leaving the rest of the prostate intact. By targeting only the cancer in the prostate, side effects of more radical treatment, like urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, are greatly reduced.